EUROPOLIS is a non-profit organization whose goal is to build an international network of high quality human resources, owned by its digital identities and united in a sovereign e-country for the benefit of its e-citizens.

The digital landscape of EUROPOLIS grants its e-citizens with full rights of shares of their Start-up (incubating joint-stock Co), protecting them through a Skills Value Assessor System (block-chain token based system).

This revolutionary approach distances EUROPOLIS from any other similar networks, as its active members not only can have full ownership of their digital ID (data and software / spirit and body), but also can have the opportunity to leverage on them and capture their full business value.


EUROPOLIS mission is to create a new digital land scape, where every e-citizen is the owner of her/his digital identity participating as shareholder to the world first network of sovereign human resources.

EUROPOLIS is an e-country inhabited by its e-citizens, the Europolians.

As for any geographical country we, the Europolians, will build, develop and exploit our own assets and share their benefits.

Every country has a Constitution and Currency. So will we in our digital country of Europolis.


EUROPOLIS is born and grows through a Constructor algorithm interfacing the two worlds of the physical persons and their informational projections to create the first and all-encompassing digital network of united and sovereign human resources.

EUROPOLIANS, like any nation will be continuously progress and develop, always focusing to guarantee full democratic rights in the world of information by the transparency and the incorruptibility of its blockchain network design.

From a juridical aspect, EUROPOLIS may be considered as an NGO (Non-Governmental Civil Association) in which each active member has an equal share equivalent to its right to vote. All critical decisions will be made by electronic vote by its e-citizens.


For the first time ever a blockchain stock and exchange system of shared manpower values subdivided by professional specialties will be launched through a regulatory token which will represent our individual will as well as our HR value.

By digitally enhancing our united human resources through a state-of-the-art IT, we plan to bring our digital economy to values ​​higher than today's largest social networking platforms, with consequent huge benefits to be achieved for each and all participants.


The cost of the software and hardware infrastructure of EUROPOLIS shall be covered by a minimum fee of few Euro to be donated by each Europolian when becoming a member (e-citizen).


"EURO" because all our values have originated from the birth of our wonderful Europe (Digital United Europe)!

"POLIS" because our digital country belongs to its people through their own consciousness and not through the imprint of their body on Earth.

EUROPOLIS is the digital projection of the European consciousness, through people with people, independently from any territorial rules.

The new paradigm of our digital identities

Human being is manifested in dual, but inseparable, modes: Body (matter) and Spirit (information).

In the slavery era the human bodies were controlled and exploited in the interest of a minority that had life and death rights over them but kept them fed and alive to produce goods and services at low costs for the benefits of their owners.

In the era of social networks an even much smaller minority has the ownership of our spirits by exploiting our digital identities, as the same are manipulated and traded for the exclusive benefit of a few multi-national autocratic empires, which exploit their subscribers’ data without their individual control and benefit.

Gigantic profits are being made by using Big Data not only for commercial reasons, but also to dramatically influence all the aspects of democratic life, including politics and elections, education, sanitary politics, fashion and taste.

The digital information is therefore used as a form of new slavery!

The time has come to free our spirits from the digital data bondage, as much as the industrial revolution had freed our bodies from fatigue and famine.