Europolis is a digital association of those who wish one indivisible Europe, indomitable European power !
Together, we are the nation of greatest union by free and digital choice of humanity, with the broadest culture and with the largest green economy in the world.



  • Give a measure to the will of the economic and cultural weighted majority of Europeans to rally towards a Federal Europe;
  • Prove that the citizens who form the European conscience are those who make its economy and its culture (based on the Pareto's law).

Our vector: FedEur, an e-token which allows :

  • Weighted measure of the european pro-federal citizens 
  • Blockchain-based incorruptible voting system
  • User data protection (GDPR)
  • Transparency for governments

Who are we, dispersed in our European countries?

Europe is not just a geographical expression but the true source of Western civilisation, created from its people. We have our own traditions, actually link-minded without sometimes realising it, through a story of complex relationships, integration, love and war, religions and languages. Our history, started over 40,000 years ago with our first dwellings in Europe, reminds us nevertheless that the birth and decline of our nations like the Greeks, the Romans, the Thracians, the Goths, the Celts, the Slavs, the Germanics and the Franks have created in Europe a mixture of traditions and ideas unique in the world. 

Europe of the Union is the only one to integrate a critical mass of population and multi-millennial cultural heritage. It brings together the excellence of democracy, science, technology, philosophy and art from all of humanity. We, its people, were the source of America, of the New World and many other civilisations.

Why we must scale-up?

So that our lives and our projects can succeed in the face of averse foreign policies, especially those of almost totalitarian regimes. We must envelop the sub-identities of our current administrations in a higher dimension, our true European dimension !

When is the right time?

The time has come to make our Europe a true independent state and to confederate its defence, its economy and its culture by defining its contours together. Without reaction, Europe will have dissolved, its history will be swallowed up and we, its citizens, will sink into oblivion.

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland is a symbol of neutrality, security and of success of the confederate model of our European culture. In this perspective, hoping that our mission is up to your European expectations, EUROPOLIS will wait for you among those who will soon make the "Foederatio Europae" by the people, through the people, with the people.


A European Federation, according to the proven model of the Swiss Confederation, located at the heart of our European civilisation, is essential to defend the interests of our citizens at global level against federal giants and emerging threats. Our unified consciousness in a Federal Europe will give us the strength to implement coherent global policies which will strengthen our economy and our culture.

Which mechanism are we using ?

You will soon be able to join EUROPOLIS, a digital application of pan-European awareness, the network of Europeans who make the economy and the culture of our countries! Once our network reaches critical (not digital) weight in European society, our voice will be commensurate with our intrinsic power in Europe.

Thus, we will strongly defend the most important will of Europeans: To be united in a Vast, Abundant and Influential Europe!


Why we will succeed?

Because WE ARE the resources and know-how of the EUROPE! 

Through the strength of our united wills, we are the citizens of the world's greatest democracy, culture and green economy, for the first time in human history by free awareness of our belonging space-time / Europe- multi-millennial!


Your membership in the EUROPOLIS network means that you fully experience the need for Europe’s rebirth, by the people, through the people , with the people.

This portal and its mobile application allow the digital union of the pro-federal European citizens as well as the management of our FedEUR e-tokens (e-Certificates) and the associated voting system for our key decisions.

As a member of the EUROPOLIS Association based in Geneva, you will achieve your European ambitions through powerful actions that we will all decide together.

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